As a custodian of the gods was handed down to him by his father, Papa is popular and powerful, feared and revered as the most potent priest in the village of Adiembra; builds confidence in himself; and believes there is no power above his gods. However, there is a problem that tears him apart: his last wife is unable to bear him a child. Papa consults a god in the North who makes his last wife conceive, with a condition to make a sacrifice every new moon. During labor, she struggles to live but dies. Papa soon forgets the pain and hurt of death as the beautiful baby girl grows. Papa forgets to perform the sacrifice on a few occasions as the god of the North asked. The god strikes, bringing punishment on the little girl with an abscess that causes her to decay till death. Papas boys rebel and elope, turning against him and his gods. In anger, Papa beats up wives and sends them away to their families, living his life alone. He makes love to a prostitute during a visit to his friend. An ant falls from his penis; he bleeds until his health deteriorates. Papa loses connection with the gods and his family and consequently commits suicide.

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